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Repairs on Domestic and Foreign Vehicles

What Does Your Car Need?

No matter what's ailing your vehicle, the auto service experts at A & G Imports have the solution. We proudly provide comprehensive car repair and maintenance for all makes of cars, foreign and domestic. So whether it's time for tire service, engine repair, suspension replacement or a multi-point inspection, we're here for you with professional auto care at driver-friendly prices.

Take a look at our auto service specialties, then book an appointment at our Costa Mesa, CA, car repair facility.

Brake Repair

Keep your brakes in check with routine brake inspections and service. Our team can replace brake pads and other components to ensure your car brakes safely.

Transmission Repair

When your vehicle no longer shifts smoothly, it’s time to look at your transmission. Visit us for complete transmission service.

Check Engine Light Diagnostic

Don’t let your check engine light ruin your day or week. Instead, stop by for professional diagnostic testing to determine what’s causing your check engine light issue.

Lube, Oil & Filter Change

Visit for a quick oil change and filter replacement to keep your car’s engine performing its best.

Preventive Maintenance

Trust our technicians to perform quality preventive maintenance to help avoid or mitigate costlier repairs down the road.

Suspension Repair

No one likes a bumpy ride, so let our service team inspect, repair or replace your vehicle’s suspension components, ensuring a smooth ride for all.
Frequently Asked Questions

Any Questions?

Our service specialists are here to provide top-quality car repair and answer any of your auto service questions along the way. See our frequently asked questions below and contact us if you still have questions before your upcoming visit.

Preventive maintenance is any auto care procedure that helps prevent more extensive or costly repairs down the road. Just like with your health, it’s essential to keep up on recommended maintenance of your vehicle so it can continue to perform as intended and provide dependable transportation around Costa Mesa and beyond.
It’s best to follow your car’s manufacturer-recommended scheduled service, often outlined in the owner’s manual or online. If you’d like assistance in determining which maintenance procedures your vehicle requires and when, contact our helpful service staff for guidance and suggestions.
If your car’s engine or transmission is running rough, you hear unexpected noises, or your vehicle doesn’t handle or brake as confidently as usual, it’s time for a tune-up. We provide engine tune-up services that can help ensure your car’s powertrain is performing efficiently. We also offer tune-ups for other vehicle systems, so contact us to learn more.
How you prepare your vehicle for the winter months depends on where you’ll be driving your car. We’re blessed with mild winters here in the Costa Mesa, CA, area. Still, you may want your car’s heater system checked for those colder mornings and nights. As with other times of the year, winter is an excellent time for an oil change, battery test, tire inspection and general routine maintenance.
Check your tires! Have your tires inspected, rotated and inflated to the proper pressure to help promote safe and fuel-efficient travel on your road trip. It might be a good idea to get a battery test and oil change too. Depending on the weather and season of your road trip, you may want to have our technicians inspect the A/C and heater systems.
Your car’s brakes may be squeaking due to worn brake pads or rotors or irregular friction within the braking system. A brake job involves a comprehensive brake system inspection and treatment, including brake fluid replenishment and brake component replacement as necessary.
The check engine light can display for various reasons, from a loose gas cap or emissions issues to more severe concerns with drivability. Visit our car repair facility for check engine light diagnostic service: our technicians will determine the cause of the check engine light and provide affordable service solutions.
Road debris, improper inflation and infrequent rotations can all cause serious harm to your tires. That’s why it’s critical to have technicians perform a tire check or inspection regularly.
If your car has a timing belt, know that it is a crucial component that you don’t want to overlook. While most manufacturers recommend timing belt replacement sometime around when the vehicle is reaching 100,000 miles, it’s best to have your timing belt inspected early and replace it well before it could wear and become a problem.
Rubber belts and hoses aren’t made to last forever. Over time, these vital vehicle components can wear and crack due to the expansion and contraction associated with extreme temperature changes they experience. Therefore, it’s best to inspect and replace crucial belts and hoses even before the manufacturer’s recommendations, so contact our staff for guidance on when to schedule belt and hose replacement.